FIN CNC Innovation High-End CNC Equipments

2016-10-07 12:00:30 SHANDONG FIN CNC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Read

In recent years, Shandong FIN CNC Machine Co., Ltd as the high-tech enterprise certificated by government and public listed, continues to promote the product quality and new researches on the CNC machines in the industry of steel construction. Company analyses the industry environment and adopts the advanced market idea and management pattern, excavate the market demand, provide practical solutions for different specific requirements and the operating conditions for customers.

In 2013, Shandong FIN CNC Machine Co., Ltd. developed the CNC High-speed Drilling Machine for Plates Model PM30040/2 for Spain customer, that can be used within 400mm thickness steel plates for drilling, tapping, milling and other processing. The maximum drilling is 200mm. The machine can be carried out using a carbide high-speed drill with internal cooling or high-speed twist drill with outside cooling, can also be performed using a sheet molding cutter chamfering. The processing is very easy to operate, can be automated, high-precision, multi-variety, and small batch production.

1. Achieve high speed, high efficiency drilling and milling on large-sized work piece, processing length more than 30m and width can be up to 4m, the spindle rotation speed is 2500 r/min; The drilling depth is up to 200 mm, using multiple spindles or multiple drilling heads can process over hundreds different holes.

2. Stable structure and uniform cutting: The workable movement is driven by AC servo motor, synchronous belt and precise big pitch ball screw, two sides are driven synchronously, that guarantee the high precision positioning and re-positioning. Equipped with mechanical displacement sensor, used to detect plate flatness error of the X, Y, and as a feedback to adjust the Z movement, then to prevent the uneven milling when processing work piece.

3. Good performance and reliable accuracy.  The machine solve the welding machine fuselage, gantry design, and multi-axis variable wheelbase and multiple power head and other number of key technical problems; Implements vertical ram type drilling head (the Z axis) movement arrangement on both sides of ram with the plastic sliding guide, ram use double hydraulic balance cylinder balance. High movement speed of Z, up to 10 m/min. Using grating ruler to do position detection and full closed loop control, improve the processing accuracy.

Shandong FIN CNC Machine Co., Ltd cooperate with Dongfang boiler group to do research for boiler industry, and manufacture the High speed drilling machine model TD1024/3. The machine use special combined tool to  complete hole and basin type hole processing, instead of artificial, it not only greatly improves the position precision and efficiency, realize the automatic drilling, but also improve the smoothness of hole, solves the industry problems.

1.  Innovation structure: The processing outer diameter φ190-φ1020mm, the work piece max. rotation diameterφ1200mm.

2.  Suitable for large heavy cutting:  the max. cutting thickness is 150mm, the max. weight 30t.

3.  Large stroke and high speed: the X- axis max. stroke of gantry is 26m, the X- axis max. speed is 4000mm/min.

Shandong FIN CNC Machine Co., Ltd. actively explore the user demands, based on the original CNC operation system, do a lot of secondary development and the upgrading, constantly won the user's recognition and praise.  As the advanced equipments in the machine manufacturing industry CNC machines has a huge future, CNC control system secondary development, and even the localization, the CNC system is both difficulties and opportunities

Even FIN’s  journey is still very long, keeping the spirit “Be Dedicated to Everything, We Do; Be Sincere and Trustworthy, Our Long principle” and abiding the strategy of emphasizing to develop distinctive main products, timely and reasonably extend the longitudinal and transverse development, self-innovation and cooperation coexists, strengthen the talents team, FIN will regulate the developing direction and take more energy focus on improving its competence and long lasting development capacity, and then make itself to be a well-known CNC complete set machine manufacturer in the international steel construction industry.