FIN ‘S PPDC25 Grandly Debut In The Nineteenth Beijing Essen Welding & Cutting Fair

2016-10-07 11:46:43 SHANDONG FIN CNC TECHNOLOGY CO., LTD. Read

The Nineteenth Beijing Essen Welding & Cutting Fair, which is one of the largest welding fairs in the world, held in Beijing on Jun. 10, 2014. More than 900 exhibitors coming from nearly 30 countries and areas appear in Beijing International Exhibition Centre (New), 8 exhibition halls of W1-W4 and E1-E4. There are not only the internal leading companies but also the exhibiters from America, Germany, Korea and Japan and so on in this fair. The exhibition area, scale and visitors’ number hit a fresh record.
As the important exhibitor, Shandong FIN CNC Machine Co., Ltd. joined this fair grandly carrying with the CNC High-Speed Punching and Drilling Machine for Plates Model PPDC25. The machine have the characteristics of good processing quality, high production efficiency, material saving, the area of workshop and labor reducing etc.PPDC25 is Mainly used in the industries of steel structure, tower processing, plate logistics, agriculture machinery, engineering machinery and shipbuilding and so on.

The CNC High-Speed Punching and Drilling Machine for Plates Model PPDC25 is composed of main body, CNC in-feeding and out feeding devices, conveyors, rolling-over plate, dedusting system, pneumatic and cooling system, lubricating system, hydraulic system and electrical system, with six CNC axis. The punching unit adopts the structure of the top and lower model moving separately, which can solve the throat limit question of opened hydraulic machine, broaden the width of plate processing; The machine have the good character of not partial loading due to the hydraulic cylinder and die in one set, the punch center and cylinder center concentric. The drilling unit used the imported high-speed accurate spindle (inner-cooling), possessed spindle servo motor, which can support drilling, not only can drilling, but also can milling, chamfering and tapping, change blade automatically; The cutting system include 2 parts of plasma cutting and flame cutting, the customer can choose the needed cutting mode. The machine realizes the advanced function of nest cutting and same edge cutting and so on, which greatly improve the utilization rate of materials.

The successful display of the PPDC25 machine reached high attention and acc

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