With the efforts of more than 850 employees in three factories

FIN always track international new technologies and make continuous innovation in technology for manufacturing high-grade equipments; Innovate in traditional industry with information technology, actively design optical, mechanical and electronic integration equipments for improving national industry; Focus on the industries of electric power, steel structure and automobile which have greater influences in national economy and people's livelihood. We are devoted to developing key technologies and producing CNC complete equipments for offering the best services to our customers.

Now the following machines’ national standards are drafted by FIN company.
1)《CNC Angle Line》, project plan No.20070604-T-604;
2)《CNC Drilling Machine for Plate》, project plan No. 20077976-T-604.
3)《CNC Drilling Machine for Beam》
4)《CNC Hydraulic Punching Machine for Plates》

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