CNC Bevelling Machine For H-Beams Model BM38/6
CNC Bevelling Machine For H-Beams Model BM38/6 CNC Bevelling Machine For H-Beams Model BM38/6
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1-150504153025226.jpgThe Bevelling machine is mainly composed of longitudinal and transverse slipway, milling head, milling columns, stopper-mechanism, rollerway, hydraulic system, electrical system etc..

The layout of the machine is double-column per side/quadruplicatecolumn double sides.One horizontal milling unit with three differentmilling cutters on one column.The milling unit,moving from bottom to top to mill both ends of the H-beam.It can milling the end face and bevels of the flanges and the arc grooves of the web.

Double-column/quadruplicate-column are equipped on longitudinal and transverse CNC slipways respectively.Just input dimensions while processing H-beams of different size then the machine can automatically adjust well.Also the machine is able to mill the bevels of H-beams with gradient end.

There are external & inside rollerways whose speed can be adjusted by transducer.Model BM38/12 is able to mill both ends of the H-beams without turning the workpiece around.

To ensure accurate positioning and firm clamping, we adopt the following clamping ways: positioning as per the inner side of the flange; vertical clamps with fluctuate jaws to clamp the workpiece;through the airdraulic cylinder to press the web of H-beam tightly.

Screen-touch input and PLC control. Main mechanical, electric, pneumatic and hydraulic commponents such as linear rolling guide, ballscrew, transducer, photoelectricity encoder,PLC,etc.are all world famous brands with high quality,which ensure the reliability and life of the machine.

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