Hydraulic Marking Machine Model DZ100
Hydraulic Marking Machine Model DZ100 Hydraulic Marking Machine Model DZ100
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DZ100 is a Hydraulic Marking Machine for angles or plates.
The metal stamping machine has open type principal part, hydraulic power cylinder, punching head, underside character box and so on . The hydraulic presses machine is mainly used for marking characters on angles or plates.

The hydraulic marking machine has 15 pieces of characters. The character size is 10*14*19mm. The plate marking machine no need to prepare any special basis. The customer can put it anywhere according with the customer requirement.

The Max. hydraulic pressure of the marking machine station is 25Mpa. This CNC marking machine for plate is very simple and easy to operate. FIN also has other model for the marking machine model DZ63. DZ63 plate marking machine is smaller than marking machine DZ100. The cnc hydraulic marking machine nominal marking force is 1000KN. The marking machine can process plate thickness 35mm.


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