CNC Pipe Profile Cutting Machine Model PB660A
CNC Pipe Profile Cutting Machine Model PB660A CNC Pipe Profile Cutting Machine Model PB660A
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CNC PIPE PROFILE CUTTING MACHINE MODEL PB660A is mainly used to cut pipes which can be used in many industries.

The profile cutting machine main machine body are made of electro-welded steel profile. The base consist and the travelling carriage of the laser cutting machine is made of electro-welded steel profile.
On each side of base, there are two linear rolling guides which made in Taiwan HIWIN. In order to protect the linear rolling guide well, many shields are fixed on the moving slipway to prevent the slag dropping on the guide to advance the life and precision of the linear rolling guide. A high precision rack is fixed on the top of the base and between the two linear rolling guides. A YASKAWA servo-motor and a SUMITOMO speed reducer are equipped on the moving slipway. The servo motor and the speed reducer dive the gear moving along the rack. By this way, the torch can finish the longitudinal positioning along Y axis. In the process of moving, the pneumatic system can clean the rack automatically.

There are 6 No. of axis:
1.Front-rear movement (X-axis)
2.Longitudinal movement (Y-axis)
3.Up-down movement (Z1-axis)
4.Torch swing (θ-axis)
Its function is carrying out the swing of torch from -60℃ to +60℃, thus the torch can execute groove processing.
5.Torch adjustment (Z2-axis)
The Z2 axis can quickly respond the control system’s requirement. In this way to realize the adjustment of torch’s position, improve the quality of cutting.
6.Work piece rotating (γ-axis)
An electric twisting unit is fixed on the box-frame and its function is driving
The Plasma Cutting System is OTC D-12000, Gas cutting system is available.


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